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Each capsule contains L-methylfolate calcium, an active form of folate, and other essential B vitamins (B6 and B12) that allow the body to help manage diabetic nerve damage and the resulting symptoms such as pain, numbness, and uncomfortable tingling. METANX® provides the nutrients needed to improve blood flow, which helps with nerve repair.

METANX® is prescribed by healthcare professionals and should be used under medical supervision. Please see your healthcare provider to determine if METANX® is right for you.

METANX logo Heard the Radio Campaign?
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How METANX® Works

product shot Pain medications only mask pain. METANX® capsules give your body the nutrients needed to help improve blood flow and work to help repair nerves. As a result of these nutrients, instead of just feeling better, your nerves damaged by diabetes can actually improve with METANX®.

What to Expect
When Starting METANX®

Because diabetic nerve damage takes years to develop, your body will need time to start feeling the benefits of METANX®. It may take 2-3 months before you start feeling a difference.

Signs of improvement may actually include pain or tingling sensations in areas of your body where you felt numbness before (most likely in your feet and/or hands). These sensations may indicate that METANX® is addressing nutritional imbalances and improving the proper blood flow to facilitate nerve repair. Eventually, the pain and tingling may subside.

Do not stop taking METANX® without first talking to your doctor.

You may have experienced recent changes to your prescription coverage that may have increased your cost at your local pharmacy. If so, there is a program that can help you.

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