Metanx® Quick Facts

Happy Metanx Patients

What is Metanx®?

Metanx® is a medical food for use under medical supervision.

What is the Dosage in Metanx®?

The usual adult dosage of Metanx® is one capsule twice daily and it is OK to take both capsules at the same time.

Where Can I Get Metanx®?

Metanx® is dispensed by prescription and is available at your local pharmacy. Even if Metanx® is not covered by an insurance plan, Metanx® may be less expensive than insurance co-payment. Click Here to learn how to save on your Metanx® prescription.

Is Metanx® Safe?

The active dietary ingredients in Metanx® are well tolerated in short-term and chronic use. For complete prescribing information, Click Here.

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